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Your privacy is not for sale

Mobile chat app for communities that care about privacy. Share with your members in a safe and confidential place. Stop using services that spy on you, get the control back.

Key Features

  • Privacy (Siloed): Harvest no personal data, protect users through pseudonyms, no intrusive device permissions, blocks user tracking and third parties.
  • Fully closed and private (only approved members can enter community)
  • No server message archive
  • Create topics to organize discussions
  • Advanced moderation (flag, kick, ban, …)
  • Customizable member directory (ranking, role, badges)
  • Rich Media (video, loops, stickers, gifs, games, pools …)
  • Private & Secure Messaging (E2E)
  • @Mentions
  • Like, Pin
  • Theme/Look customization

Why Facetts?

Companies gather data about us, from everything they can get their hands on. They're creating reputation scores about us and detailed psychological profiles. They use algorithms to deduce the likelihood of thousands of details that we may never have disclosed.

This information can out you to your family, friends and colleagues.
Facetts protects you from the algorithms by creating siloed spaces serving as safe harbours – in which users can discuss ideas and grow without compromising their identity – or their integrity.

What are we fighting for?

We believe that the current ‘attention based’ internet model has too many downsides and favors the development of creepy and very intrusive technologies to spy on users. It does not fit with services that are used to discuss private/personal subjects.

We at Facetts have made it possible to create communities that harvest no personal data, protect users through pseudonyms, and ensure that people have the protection they need to speak freely learn more here.

We follow key principles to ensure privacy: Data Mininization (we don’t collect mail, phone number, access your position... as they are not needed to ensure quality of service), Privacy By Design and By Default (protect data and protect against leakage), Data Ephemerality (message not stored on for ever on server) and Silo Protection (protection against tracking of your activity by external entities).

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